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Health Is Wealth

Health Is Wealth is program that D2R offers that aims to educate the community on various aspects of physical, and mental health that usually may not be touched on and how they correspond and react to our everyday lives. 

Watch out Health Is Wealth Launch video below!

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Short Term Goals

  • Better understanding of mental health and its potential to reduce behavioural problems to improve physical and emotional health
  • Better understanding of local organizations and resources for additional support to improved mental health
  • Understanding the impacts of a healthy active lifestyle as a coping mechanism for everyday stressors.

Mid Term Goals

  • Change the mindset of the term “mental health” among the youth population encourage proper supports through open dialogue about how mental health is currently perceived in the community.
  • Decrease the use of substances as a coping mechanism to manage stress and trauma.
  • Improve the relationship between youth and service providers to enhance self and peer-to-peer referrals.

Long Term Goals

  • Youth form and maintain healthy, close relationships.
  • Access to space for stress resolutions programs
  • Educated on Mental, Emotional, Physical and Nutritional Health from clinical professionals
  • Reduce Youth Incarceration rate with educational and life skills workshop.

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